Wsus group membership not updating

27-Oct-2017 16:58

If you’re currently using WSUS to manage Windows updates in your environment, you can continue to do so in Windows 10.

To be able to use WSUS to manage and deploy Windows 10 feature updates, you must have WSUS 4.0, which is available in the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems.

All administrators know that after a computer or a user is added to an Active Directory group the computer has to be reboot (if the computer account has been added to the domain group) or a user has to be logged off and on again to update group membership or apply assigned policies.

It is necessary because the membership in AD groups is updated when a Kerberos ticket is created, which happens during the system boot and user login.

At a binary level, files associated with updates may not change a lot.

In fact, with cumulative quality updates, most of the content will be from previous updates.

It provides a single hub for Windows updates within an organization.

With Windows 10, quality updates will be larger than traditional Windows Updates because they’re cumulative.