Updating pivot tables in excel nye dating sider Gribskov

04-Jun-2017 14:46

You don’t have an option to create an independent pivot table.

Because the pivot tables share the same cache, this can cause problems if you group the data in the pivot fields.

Or, if you want to focus on the poor performers, you can use a value filter to find the bottom 5 products or sales regions.

In the example shown below, there are 24 months of Order dates in the Row Labels area.

In Excel 2007, when you create a second pivot table from the same source data, you don’t get an option to base the new pivot table on an existing pivot table, the way you can in Excel 2003.

updating pivot tables in excel-71

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To filter the pivot table, so it shows only the Top 10 order dates, follow these steps.

The results change, to show only the 5 order dates with the highest sales amounts.

The Top 10 filter helps you find the highest amounts, but sometimes you need to find the lowest amounts, to focus on those.

For example, insteading of showing the total sales for all products, use a filter to show just the top 10 products, or narrow it down to the top 2.

In the screen shot below, the City field has been filtered to show only the top 2 cities, with the highest sales amounts.Because you created the two pivot tables from the same source data, by default they use the same pivot cache, which is where the grouping is stored.

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