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at the National Press Club for a status report on the effort to detect gravitational waves - or ripples in the fabric of spacetime - using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO).This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first publication of Albert Einstein's prediction of the existence of gravitational waves.After graduating from Clark University in Massachusetts with a B. in International Relations, he went on to work for Fannie Mae, a Fortune 500 company.

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The portfolio started with Iranian Personals and expanded to include different niche dating sites that now span the globe and connect millions of singles.For Immediate Release: Monday, February 8, 2016 100 years after Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, the National Science Foundation gathers scientists from Caltech, MIT and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration to update the scientific community on efforts to detect them.(Washington, DC) -- Journalists are invited to join the National Science Foundation as it brings together the scientists from Caltech, MIT and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) this Thursday at a.m.Most recently, weighed in on the matter -- and they too decided the site seemed to be real, since they managed to contact a spokesperson for the site who, in turn, connected them with a woman who claimed she had actually been on a date with a sea captain through the site.

conceded that both the site rep and the woman could have been in on the gag, but noted, "if that's true, someone out there is trying really, really hard to make us believe that you can sign up to date sea captains on the internet.

As far as niche dating sites go, you can't get much more niche than Sea Captain The site first attracted attention back in Jan 2011, when articles about it appeared on,, and (among others).

In this political and artistic context, Švankmajer (b.… continue reading »

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Still, she says her actual intimate interactions IRL are private and off-limits. So it keeps things exciting and unpredictable, growing over time.” Aspiring cam girl lifer Sunderland (Library Girl) is different than many in the industry because she's famous.… continue reading »

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I could tell this was a very bad idea, so I gently prodded her to move along. It was no big deal, and outside of the perfume shit, I had a good time. She responded again (after five minutes) saying that she was “almost ready” and would be right down in a “few minutes.” I really considered driving away, but I waited.… continue reading »

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Thanks for following up with my profile up till this section, I hope you can follow the numbers as well, 3two is that i have never been married with no kids, i am a loving caring a...… continue reading »

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