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Dr Edward Wright, Emeritus Professor of Art History at the University of Florida, specialist in Renaissance iconography, formulated the hypothesis that the portrait originates from one of the three existing copies of La Sforziada 4.

He pointed to the Warsaw volume as the most probable source due to the iconographic program of the illuminations by Giovanni Pietro Birago.

BONA SFORZA The most comprehensive study of the Warsaw Sforziad was published by the former director of the National Library, Professor Bogdan Horodyski. Wright, Il Moro, Duke of Milan, and the Sforziada by Giovanni Simonetta, B.

A careful analysis of the only miniature in the book, on page 7, enabled him to identify in 1956 the signature of the artist: Presbiter Joannes Petrus Biragus fecit 5. Horodyski, Birago, Miniaturiste des Sforza [in:] Scriptorium, International Review of Manuscript Studies, X.2, 1956, p B. cit., p Strona2 LA SFORZIADA, ILLUMINATION BY GIOVANNI PIETRO BIRAGO IN THE WARSAW COPY The finding, consequently, helped him to identify numerous other works by the artist in different European collections.

The preserved list of books from the Royal Castle on Wawel Hill in Cracow does not include this work.

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He was particularly interested in the circumstances of its arrival in Poland and came to the conclusion that it must have been brought from Italy to Poland by Bona Sforza on the occasion of her wedding to Sigismund the Elder in 1518: L exemplaire de Varsovie de la Storia fut sans aucun doute apporté en Pologne par Bona, qui en 1518 devint la femme de Sigismund 7.The Warsaw Sforziad Katarzyna Woźniak INTRODUCTION The Sforziad, or La historia delle cose facte dallo invictissimo duca Francesco Sforza scripta in latino da Giovanni Simonetta et tradocta in lingua fiorentina da Christoforo Landino Fiorentino, is a treasure of the National Library in Warsaw 1.LA SFORZIADA, FRONT COVER, NATIONAL LIBRARY IN WARSAW History of this precious volume spans 524 years, while for over 400 it has been in Poland.This great enthusiast of history as Professor Henryk Barycz called her collected historical works; a manuscript of Długosz's work was, among others, in her collection 9.

The claim reappears in the introduction to the catalogue of old prints from the Library of the Entailed Estate of Zamość: What undoubtedly comes from the same source is the marvellously illuminated copy of Sforziada, printed on parchment, which used to belong to Queen Bona 10 [8].

BONA SFORZA D ARAGONA, QUEEN OF POLAND AND GRAND DUCHESS OF LITHUANIA, WOODCUT FROM DE VETUSTATIBUS POLONORUM (1521) BY JODOCUS LUDOVICUS DECIUS 7 B. 255 Strona3 Professor Kawecka-Gryczowa, another renowned specialist in Polish bibliology, came to the same conclusion:everything suggests that the magnificent parchment copy of La Sforziada written by Givanni Simonetta (Milano 1490), containing the story of Francisco Sforza, duke of Milan, was among the most precious objects brought to Poland by the young princess of Bari 8.