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Reeves' SWAT officer Jack Traven is strong and capable, with a very un-Keanu-like short, manly haircut. Diaz's character, a former stripper, is supposed to be marrying D'Onofrio, but runs off with his brother (Reeves) instead.

There's a couple of shootings, and a few characters brutally left for dead, but it's an indie romcom so everything still turns out peachy. Kick-Ass Keanu (47 Ronin, 2013) Reeves allegedly got hooked on martial arts after his turn in The Matrix, for which he was trained in Kung-Fu by martial arts expert and actor Tiger Chen.

The film was redeemed mainly by the fact that it featured five frothy white poodles; Reeves is seen here, displaying his "bemused by abundance of dogs" face.

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AV In one of the best bad movies of all time, Point Break, Reeves plays an FBI agent who must start working undercover as a Nineties surfer dude, because of reasons.Nothing makes any sense, but Keanu gets to wear beige wear polo necks and practise his sensitive face. Baby Keanu (The Brotherhood of Justice, 1986) Reeves was 21 when he starred in the 1986 US made-for-TV movie Brotherhood of Justice, in which plays rich kid Derek, leader of a group of high-school vigilantes. Unflattering Angle Keanu Pictures of Reeves looking somewhat heavier than usual surfaced last year, after the star attended the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.He looks very young, wears lots of denim, and has floppy hair. Unflattering Angle Keanu gave a speech about his love of Kung-Fu and his directorial debut A Man of Tai Chi.This is what we missed yesterday during the Dress Porn.

So they’re like totally more sensitive than civilians., one of the best really really sh-tty movies ever. Keanu in love is bad enough but Sad Keanu in love is SO funny, you’ll remember it later and chuckle to yourself at the most random times. Most press coverage focused on his weight gain instead, at which point, he probably transformed back into Sad Keanu. Evil Lawyer Keanu (The Devil's Advocate, 1997) Evil Lawyer Keanu, distinguished by his ability to look nice in suits and be generally amoral, made his debut in the deliciously over-the-top 1997 thriller The Devil’s Advocate.

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