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In agony she half crawled, half stumbled, along with him. You’re coming with us." He said, as he dragged her into the van. Cameron sat, her mouth hanging open, in shock, her eyes wide and full of tears. Cameron was terrified, scared stiff and unable to move from the fear. Cameron opened her mouth and allowed Tony to slip his black cock into it. He reached round as squeezed them hard, causing Cameron more pain. The anal pounding was almost unbearable, her hands squeezing tighter and tighter on the flesh of Tony’s hips. Tony withdrew from the star’s mouth and staggered to the back of the van to check out of the dark window, it was Jimmy… If that weren’t enough, Cameron became aware of the dog’s now rapid movement, then felt the hot, wet feeling of his cum shooting into her womb… " Ordered Tony, "I don’t want my van all messed up!

Cameron panicked as the light of the sun was blocked out by the van doors and she was thrown to the floor of the van. She just sat and waited for the men to make their next move. Tony smacked her across the jaw with the back of his hand and she yelped. Just as she felt she couldn’t go any longer, there was a bang on the back of the van, ‘Someone to rescue me’ though Cameron with relief. He opened the door and a third black youth climbed in – with Ice, his 4 year-old Pitt Bull dog. She leant forward and vomitted, the upset of the rape, the piss in her mouth, the dog-fucking, and now the dog-cum swilling in her cunt, all too much for her. " With Ice still tied into her pussy, Cameron was forced to lick up her vomit from the rusty floor of the van, also licking Jimmy’s fresh urine from the floor.

As the van drove away Cameron was sure she could hear the guys laughing.

She staggered inside to clean herself up – she had to do the Jay Leno show later that day, no-one could know what she had been through.

The morning run helped keep her figure trim and tight, the famous near total lack of fat on her body was something she held great pride in. Cameron screwed her eyes tight shut and held her breath as she felt Jimmy helping his muscular dog to mount her, she tried to will herself out of the van, anywhere else…

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"If you tell anyone about this…" He warned, "These will be all over the internet within an hour! They drove her back to her home, it seemed fair after the fun she had given them, and kicked her out of the van at her door.

She also demonstrated how to drive a peeping Tom crazy with ease.

This is one star who is always willing to face anything head on, no mask required.

The Mask is on ITV tonight and reminds us why we love the gorgeous and funny actress so much.

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A film about cursed mask actually introduced the world to one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood.

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